What we are:

Limpidfrog is a Indie creative Studio established to produce games , IP and Co-IP. It focuses on two major objectives, one is to make narrative driven and immersive games ,
second is to provide premium level creative services for gaming and entertainment fields.

LimpidFrog in this contemporary scene is a highly evolved Diverse Design Style and Concept Art rendering techno-art studio which holds onto its distinction of delivering products
enriched with an ’Artwork’ than just meeting conventional design requirements, through ‘Stylized Products’ and ‘Edge-to-Detail’ services developed on a generous platform providing freedom to creativity and imaginations with a blend of cutting edge technology.


Meet our creative team of Artists “transform” dreams and imaginations into reality by breathing a life into it. Our passion and dedications of-course adds a dimension to the work.


Creative Director and Co-Founder


A Person who Lives Breathes and Loves anything that is visually compelling. He believes Art is everywhere.

A crazy artist who brings years of experience to the team and has contributed in many mega projects including the recent “Bahubali” and in multiple Game projects like “Bird of Light” & “Hansel & Gretel”, his primary expertise is creating iconic universes & environment for games, movies and managing design team for the same. He believes in thinking like a Scientist and works likes an Artist


Art Director and Co-Founder


An artist who sees Art beyond the Canvas…

A gifted artist by birth with an opulent experience in the world of conceptual art, he is a passionate visual storyteller who brings a strong artistic vision to the team. Has contributed in several Tollywood movie projects and in multiple games including “Bird of Light” and “Hansel & Gretel”. Sudipto is adept at Game Content Design, Storyboard, Character Design and Comic panel.


Global Business Director


Fearless in the Pursuit of What sets his Soul on Fire…

Confident, quick to learn, tenacious, organised management / marketing man for the team is a highly motivated professional. He is a great listener as he believes that the best creative output is born from listening carefully to the clients’ needs, preferences and goals. He is the man in charge of putting Limpidfrog on the global map.

Italo Poscai

3D modeler

Italo Poscai

Another seasoned team player with over 12 years of experience in the Creative industry, a true legend who breathes life into the designs. A specialist in 3D modelling and Designer to the Core. A magician who creates enticing 3D models that has been appreciated worldwide.


Lead Graphic Designer


With a rich experience of 8 years in the creative industry, he is our man with expertise in Graphic Design, Title Animation and a true craftsman who leaves no stone unturned to give the “wow” effect. He creates an awesome ambience and touch to the artwork and serves it to our clients globally.

Vikash Kumar

Concept Artist

Vikash Kumar

A concept Artist whose sic-fi worlds & vehicle mech designs potrays life like experience and a passionate artist who imbibes his surroundings and delivers inspiring designs. His mechanical fantasies come to life in reality, igniting true emotions with their detailed believability. He also has hands on experience in many games including “Mafia Wars”.


3D Modeller


Another integral team member at Limpidfrog who has been with us since inception and has relentlessly delivered on the projects, he has fine a blend of art and technology.

Subhendu Pattnaik

Business Advisor

Experienced Marketing Leader known for his passion for startups, technology and marketing.

Subhendu has over 13 yrs of experience in leading 360 degree Marketing across diverse companies. Has worked in Infosys, TATA as well as has ground-up experience in setting up entire marketing functions at Mindfire & Gallop (Cigniti). A PhD Scholar in Marketing at Indian Institute of Management Indore, a Gold medallist in MBA from SP Jain and a B.Tech from NIT Rourkela, Subhendu loves to mentor startups on their marketing and go-to-market strategy.

Recently he was awarded with Top 100 Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders 2015 by World Marketing Congress & CMO Asia.


As a small studio we do not hire often, but we are always on the lookout for talented crazy artists to work with.

Email us at info@limpidfrog.com

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