Enter the world of “Tara” in “Bird of light”

Enter the World of "Bird of Light"

There was a concept and then, there was a team. Who made the mark? Well, both did. The concept asked the team to design the visual creatives for an idea. And the team jumped in - the reason being the approach and freshness of that particular concept.

Wait a second.

Do you like missing on your cup of coffee while you play?

Are your shoes ready to make an echo in the maze?

Well, if you’re obsessed over such emotional ups and downs, then hop in for the magic of “Bird of Light”.

You might wonder who’s who and for whom was this game designed. But don’t bother. It’s a collaboration between Roach Interactive, a game development firm based at Hyderabad and Limpidfrog, who worked on the design aspects through graphics and interactive visuals.

“Bird of Light’, that’s what the concept was, a game that started to spread like a wildfire. The game was reviewed by a lot of websites and a few of them are Asidcast, Toucharcade and Slidedb who made the perfect sync. This year, the game made it to GDC, San Francisco as well.

Every game needs to have a great design. A clean-looking game with simple design and sharp aesthetic is all that needs to be done to win accolades. A game not only defines the designer’s creativity but users’ skills as well.

So let’s open up the doors to the “Bird of Light” to get a sneak-peek of what lies ahead.

Tara, the lead protagonist of the game, a little curious adventurer who’s on the way to save the lives of animals, is filled with the spirit of the times. All you need to do is to run through all the levels, keep opening doors so that she can jump to the next level.

What inspired a bunch of geeks and creatives to revamp the user interface? We stylized it by taking inspirations from native art and designed the UI.

What about the aesthetic and the environment?

Cracking the fingers, the team jumped in to create a poly low environment for an interactive and user-friendly experience.

Style guiding the game with 3D modelling, texturing, rigging and animation was a crucial part and the team explored all the dimensions to come to a conclusion and just revived the look and feel.

Complications are a part of the design and development. A user (player) just needs an interactive platform to engage and have fun. That’s what defines the motive.

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