Breathing life into Green Screen

Breathing life into Green Screen


Whenever one looks at a movie, good capture and direction is what catches one’s eye. A movie is seamless when the environment is reasonably in line with the story being shown. Herein working with the green screen comes with a set of distinctive challenges. Just in case you envisage to move ahead into green screening shorn of capturing the actual footage, the viewers would make-out the difference and the vision of a well-composited scene would fall like a pack-of-cards.

Attention to details

We have an eagle’s eye to stand out and visualize in a manner that incorporates attention to details. Planning and sketching a concept is imperative. Along with this comes crafting of the set extension and usually, Indian style of videos just like this one would also encase an old cow-boy sort of a village look, more to look like a township. Considering the basics and planning efficiently, a structure along with temples and mountains and as per the client requirements, is sketched and showcased.

Concept variations right from the green screen with an effective plan to a final visual comes with this expedition. The catch here is of the significance of a robust plan and sketching a proper concept which eventually builds a movie that the viewers like and nobody can spot the green screen or any errors.

Real or Not-Real

We know the fact that everything shown in the environment doesn’t need to be sketched or designed by a computer, at times real props and details are the go-to for an efficient scene. Right from lighting to a natural look, the environment along with the characters have to be shown in such a lighting that they look real and match the sequence of the environment. The expedition right from scripting, storyboarding, pre-visualization to the green screen and the final visual, there are key things which are considered by us; as shown in the video.


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