Creating the World of “Hansel and Gretel”

Creating the World of "Hansel and Gretel"

Q. How has been your approach towards Hansel & Gretel?

A.For Hansel and Gretel, not only we did a whole set of work but we Art directed it too. At limpidfrog we believe, a strong reference library is must for any anything we start. We created a library for ref that helped us in creating the world more engaging in terms of concept art and would guide our 3D modeler and the texturing artist to get an awesome output.

For the environment we were focused to get a look and feel of a dark forest, yet a hollow look to it that will rouse curiosity and mystery. Some key points focused while designing the forest, it needed to have a haunted feel, which is not too scary, because here the children are the main users who should enjoy the game, a dead corn field in front of the house, which acts as a passage for the character Raku.. the trees were designed in such a way that they depict a story of there own when seen.The annoying noise of crows adds to it.

Q.How did you go on to finalizing the Character design?

A.Well for the finalization of the Character Design we took a lot of feedback from kids in general, to give it a perfect blend where fantasy meets reality..

There are a total of 6 characters in the game, Hansel, Gretel, father, mother, witch and the protagonist himself Raku. there was a case study for each character on how should they look and interact.

We did around 60 sketches each for all the characters respectively.

To describe some;
Hansel: (13 to 15 years old)
Hansel is very clever and optimistic. He takes life with skepticism and only trusts his sister. Hansel is thin, white in appearance with green or blue eyes. He normally has a sassy face. Always transmits security and uses it as a mask to hide his fears and traumas he had to endure with his sister, father and stepmother.

Just like his sister, he longs to be with a family and feel loved, his mission in life is to protect his sister and give her security and love that his father has not been able to give him.

Gretel: (8 to 10 years old)
Gretel is an innocent and generous girl, nobody taught her to be like this but it's a part of her spirit and her natural behavior. She does not have troubles in trusting new people. Due to the unstable situation with her family and the frequent interaction with estranges.

Q.What about the environment for the game, it looks mysterious?

A.Yeah, the entire game is created on a single colour palette,to add to the mysterious & gritty element of the Game. We have drawn inspiration from "Pirates Of Carribean" to give the game a mystical look & feel.

The whole credit goes to our awesome team, Artist who have worked here are: 







Italo Poscai

Anand Mhetre


Nishant gorle



Kirti ranjan nayak

Lucian Marza : Music Composer


Pedro Vargas : CEO, Lead developer Madreading

Gabriel, Chief of Unity3D Developer

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