We aim to build Decentralized Narrative Worlds that transcends media - entwine narratives and characters across Tv Series, films, video games, podcasts, comics, AR, VR, and beyond. Each is a portal to enter our original universe – it’s up to you to decide the path you take. With the power of blockchain technology, we aim to take it to the next level. A decentralized platform for creators and the consumer, where stories play a pivotal role.


  1. The authority moves from a single entity to the whole network of participants.
  2. Promotes a healthy ecosystem and brings Transparency to peer contribution and peer-reviewing.
  3. The immutability property of blockchain complements decentralization.
  4. Censorship resistant.
  5. Helps in eliminating the single point of failure of networks
  6. Prevents DDOS attacks.
  7. It would give power to the content consumer to avail of the benefit of our creative ecosystem.



Creative Director, Limpidfrog


He has a diverse background working for Corporate brands, Games, Movies & Products. Have more than 12+ years of experience in various entertainment domain.
Behavioral Scienceic I Movies I Games I Storyteller I


Art and Narrative, Limpidfrog


He has a diverse background working for Games, Movies & User experience design. More than 11+ years of experience.
I Experience Design I Brand Design I Games I Storyteller I Narrative direction


Production Director, Limpidfrog


He has a diverse background working for product development, comes from an engineering background with more than 10+ years of hands-on experience.
Production Coordinator | Teams I Marketing I Brand building


Mohammed Naquib

Crypto Assets Advisor Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Naquib

Mohammed Naquib, is a FinTech Consultant in the field of Crypto Assets. 

Based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Naquib is a global fintech influencer and is extremely vocal and active in the field of adoption of digital assets, and advises a number of startups and organizations in different domains of Distributed Ledger Technology. Feel free to reach out to him via his LinkedIn for any queries/ advice in general.

Satya Sandha Dash

Digital Economy Strategist

Satya Sandha Dash

Almost 2 decades in the field of technology, with a rich background as an Innovator, technologist, engineer, digital and data Economy-Assets, Product-Project Manager, Analyst, and strategist.

She had initiated 3 major innovation projects; based on her ideas, all of which were financed by her employers, later by the client's board of directors, for a total of approximately 0.2 million euros for the internal projects and teams.

Her innovations disrupted the business models around Service Provider, Payment, User, and Customer Experience (UX & CX) in the areas of ETC, IMS, ITS, parking, mobility, Technology Finance.


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