Work 'WITH' us not 'FOR' us

What’s an idea that doesn’t let you explore?

What’s an office where expressing the “true you” comes at a cost?

There are colleagues and then, there are friends. Happiness and madness is something that defines the free vibe of an organization or its culture. As Steve Jobs once said-- “We don’t hire people to teach them what to do, rather they shall teach us what to do.”

But who’s behind them?

When a brand is about creating amazing stuffs in terms of design and quality, it is expected that the individuals who work with them are breathing in the same enthusiasm and vigour. What’s a company without a culture where you can’t fuel the gears of creative energy to take an extra mile? There lies no sunshine where there’s no fun and no motivation.

What makes a graphic off-the-rod hit you like a shooting star? What’s that flair that lets you explore the pandemonium like a pro? What makes a click posted on social media pages hit the consumer’s heart and turns him into a loyal follower. It’s not just an effort of a single person that stands behind that unlocked door, but many unsung heroes.

What we do?

We listen. We analyze. We communicate. We work. We play. We celebrate. We design.

Who are we?  Why are we different?

Conventions, that’s not a cup of tea for us. Passion, efficiency and creativity builds our core. We’re not like a routine that has to be followed. Expressions and ideas sum up the equation of our crazy work culture. It’s not about how hard you hit the bell, but how well.

Why people follow brands? What makes a game go viral in one shot? Why a simple teaser lead viewers to catch a glimpse of their favourites? It’s not simply about visualising but, doing as well. It’s about standing out in a competitive world and stay agile to the future needs. Analysing a simple thought and amplifying it into a platform of innovation needs a lot of guts and effort. That’s what defines us.

Entertainment is entertainment, and you can’t deny that. More interactive the design, better the chances to stand out. We not just believe in innovation but ideas that can create a difference to the future. We, in here at Limpidfrog, commute side by side with the best in art, design and technology to create a future that adds a sartorial touch to our work with a team of geeks, artists, tech savvies and creatives.

There are many dimensions to put forward a work of art into a masterpiece. We believe that a passionate team is all you need to let your voice heard in the crowd and nothing else. Nothing great happens without an insane equation of ideas that multiplies with a crazy and resilient bunch ready to influence the perspectives.

To sum it up, let’s catch a note of the song by One Republic that says,

“Everything that kills me, makes me feel alive.”