Work with us on pushing the boundaries in storytelling, exploring creative arenas, and taking a leap into a whole new world of cross-platform media. We stand by design, inventions, and innovation while believing in work-life balance. We believe in symbiosis.


We strongly believe in ‘Unity in Diversity’. Our talent pool comprising adept storytellers, artists, designers, engineers, musicians, is fully equipped to ‘Make a Difference’ in the modern world of content creation. Artistic and cultural diversity drives us into creating a newfound experience and making our products sui generis.


Perks and Benifits

Work-Life Balance

We understand that life happens when you don’t expect it! We provide personal days, generous time off, and flextime.

Creative peace of mind

We encourage our team to practice mindfulness, which enables innovative and creative thinking. We also have internal forums for knowledge sharing where we learn from each other.

Stay on top

We respect your boundaries and believe in your excellence. Encouragement is key to a successful work environment. Our associates can pursue their training outside work hours and we pride ourselves in guiding them on what and how they can pursue their interests.

Free to Explore

Limpidfrog believes in you and respects your will to work on projects on your personal time. As long as your creation lies outside the zone of conflict of interest, it’s entirely yours. Who knows, maybe the next disruption will come from you!

Party Hard

We not only create storytelling experiences but also believe life is fun. Balancing work and parties is something we are great at. Get ready as a lot of surprises are coming your way!

Interview Process

01. Candidate Analysis

To apply for a job with us, please send us your resume along with a demo reel or a portfolio URL. Don’t forget to give the mail a subject line as ‘The Profile you are reaching out for’

02. Your Interview

We don’t just focus on the creative talent perspective while hiring. For us, a person’s mind – and their ability to visualize scenarios from perspectives that are unique and unabashedly themselves matters the most.

03. Final Selection

The final layer of screening asserts you are one amongst the creative stars we are on the lookout for.

Job openings

Game Developer

Little information about the job requirement.


Concept Artist

Little information about the job requirement.


Lighting Artist

Little information about the job requirement.


Technical Animator

Little information about the job requirement.


Didn’t find the job you are looking for ?
Dont worry, we are always on the lookout for talented artists to work with.

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